Apple punishes Nokia: for its demand and removes all Withings products from the Apple Store. -
Published: 2 years ago By: Aban Tech

By: Aban TechPublished: 2 years ago


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Apple punishes Nokia: for its demand and removes all Withings products from the Apple Store.

Less than a week ago we learned that Nokia had sued Apple in Europe and the United States for infringing a series of patents. The information tells that Nokia had offered the Cupertino a deal, but they have not come to fruition and the situation is becoming too hostile. The first known move that Apple made after the lawsuit is quite hard for Nokia's interests, and is that they have decided to eliminate all their products from the Apple Store. Having your offer in Apple stores is nothing more than an ideal showcase, to be at the hand of many buyers, and to find themselves within a narrow selection of products.

Nokia within the Apple Store? Yes, it is offered through one of its brands: Withings. For those who do not know, this company was recently bought by Nokia and is responsible for creating wearables and gadgets aimed at helping us to have better health. Obviously all of them are compatible with Apple iOS gadgets. After the sale of its mobile division, it was necessary to start to prioritize in more profitable business from Nokia, in addition to exploring new ways: the purchase of French company Withings for 170 million euros allowed it to enter a growing segment as is the call "Digital health": digital scales, baby monitoring elements.

The other great field of action of Withings is the one of the intelligent clocks, but with a very different approach to the majority of competitors of the market: its idea happens to create watches quite normal in appearance, very elegant, with the particularidad of putting in them Quantification systems. We have the Withings Activité and its Pop version. While the court rules the origin of this situation, Apple removes the gadgets of Withings, some of them had been offering more than two years, something that had not changed with the purchase by Nokia. The measure does not seem to have affected the applications associated with these products, they are still available in the App Store.

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