SDC 2017 Session: The Impact of Connecting Cars into the Internet of Things -
Published: 2 months ago By: Samsung

By: SamsungPublished: 2 months ago


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Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session
Speaker: Stephen L. Surhigh - Harman

The invention of the automobile changed many aspects of people's lives. Infrastructure improvements such as paving dirt roads resulted in social and economic changes like enabling families to take vacations away from home. Historians agree that the automobile has had a significant historical impact on our modern lifestyles.
As autonomous driving evolves and vehicles become more connected in the IoT space, the need for connectivity, data consumption, security and innovation become exponentially more important. The presentation will look at the automobile's expected impact on the IoT space and will introduce the Harman Ignite platform. Harman Ignite is a cloud-based platform designed to support the automobile's emersion into a broader IoT ecosystem that enables automotive OEMs to accelerate their autonomous vehicle visions.

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