SDC 2017 Session: Striking an Emotional Chord in VR -
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By: SamsungPublished: 2 months ago


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Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session
Speakers: Eric Darnell - Baobab Studios, Ryan Horrigan - Felix & Paul Studios, Yelena Rachitsky - Oculus, Colum Slevin - Oculus, Claudia Southmartin - Baobab, Daniel Terdiman - Fastcompany

VR is an emotionally compelling and effective storytelling medium with a new technical language. This panel will expand on some of the challenges in VR storytelling, such as transitioning from the novelty of VR to developing richer experiences for mobile users with high-quality characters and visuals. Eric Darnell, writer and director of the Madagascar films, is the Chief Creative Officer at Baobab Studios, creators of the Emmy-award winning Invasion!, follow-up Asteroids! and newest piece Rainbow Crow starring John Legend. Colum Slevin was formerly VP, Head of Studio Operations at Lucasfilm and is now the Head of Experiences at Oculus VR from Facebook. Ryan Horrigan is the Chief Content Officer at Felix & Paul Studios, makers of cinematic virtual reality experiences like Miyubi.

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